Voice Lessons/Vocal Coaching with Martha Lavender

2020-2021 LESSON RATES: 30 minutes $45.00 45 minutes – $60.00 60 minutes – $75.00 Every private voice lesson is catered to the ability level, goals, interests, and needs of the individual student. Though a broad-based curriculum is used and the instructor’s principles are ever present during the teaching process, each student’s individual level of vocal maturity and development is taken into consideration during their particular course of study.  Instruction is based in the Italian bel canto tradition, which emphasizes purity and evenness of tone across all registers, and vocal agility. Every lesson begins with vocalise, the art of warm-up and technique-building using vowel and consonant sounds. Attention is given to vocal placement, core strength, breath support, vowel production, diction, and vocal line. Classical literature, folk songs, and art songs may be utilized to reinforce the student’s technique and artistry. Popular repertoire and contemporary works may be studied, as well. Appropriate song selection will be made primarily by the instructor (but input and suggestions from the student are always encouraged and welcomed), to meet a student’s needs and goals. Martha is always available for coaching of a student’s work on current productions in theater, choir, or other performance projects.  Students are highly encouraged to practice on their own outside of lesson time. Practice is vital for a student’s progress and understanding of his or her own individual vocal development. Lessons are taught in Martha’s home studio, where students have access to her personal collection of books and scores for reference and perusal as well as thousands of digital scores and music sheets. Martha uses a studio based around Apple Studio Logic software and other state-of-art equipment to assist in her teaching.  She has audio and video recording at technology at her disposal to use in lessons and/or special projects.

Martha is skilled, kind, and encouraging and my weekly lessons are a consistent joy and delight. I’m amazed at the improvement that I hear in my daughter’s voice each week.