Student Showcases

Four times a year students have an opportunity to share their voices with friends and family at Student Showcases (two pop/contemporary showcases per year and two musical theater showcases per year).  Pop/Contemporary singers perform in an “open mic” setting with live musician accompaniment and musical theatre singers perform in a theatre setting (on stage with theatrical lighting) with recorded accompanimental tracks.  Student Showcases are intended to be a culminating experience that celebrate a student’s progress and demonstrate the hard work and growth they have achieved in their study.  Making music in a live setting such as this is an option (not a requirement) that many students choose to take advantage of and really enjoy.  Here are videos of some highlights from recent Student Showcases.  Click on the links below to see other highlights.

Here is a highlight reel from a recent musical theater Student Showcase:

Here is a highlight reel from recent pop/contemporary Student Showcases:

Martha is wonderfully supportive and has helped me prepare for numerous college auditions and performances.